Physical Education Department

    Course Expectations



    Each unit of instruction will be graded on a five point daily rubric. 
    Graduation Requirements

    You need to pass physical education every semester that you are enrolled in high school.  If you fail a semester, you have the option to take physical education in summer school to earn the credit, or you may take a repeater physical education class.

    Make-up Classes

    A class that is missed for any reason must be made up or credit will be lost toward the quarter grade.  You must see your physical education teacher the class that you return to school to make arrangements to make up classes missed.  A note from a parent is required to excuse a student due to injury or illness. It will be accepted for a maximum of three consecutive days.  To be excused longer than three days, a doctor’s note is required.  All make-ups must be completed within two weeks of the class missed, or a zero will be entered on the practice rubric for classes missed, and any skill or written tests.


    You must change into shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers for each class.  Athletic pants and sweatshirts may also be worn.  Sneakers without backs, pajama pants, and tight or revealing shirts are not appropriate.  For safety, all jewelry should be removed prior to class.


    Every student must maintain a locker in one of the gym locker rooms.  Only locks purchased from the Hamburg physical education department may be placed on lockers.  All other locks may be cut off.  Students may not share lockers.  Most incidents of theft during the school year result from sharing lockers.

    Unprepared for class

    Students who are unprepared for physical education are not permitted to participate in class.  They lose credit according to the high school physical education department Practice Time rubric.  Students who are unprepared also lose the opportunity to make up any other work missed that day in class.  Students who are unprepared must walk for the duration of the class.  Students who are unprepared three times in one quarter are displaying insubordinate behavior in not following the expectations of the teacher and course.  Therefore, a student may be assigned detention after the second unprepared in one quarter.

    Tardy to class

    Students who arrive late to the gym area are subject to the high school discipline policy regarding tardiness to class.  Students who arrive late from the locker room to class lose credit according to the physical education department Practice Time rubric.

    Medical Excuses

     Based on the information obtained from the physician, an adaptive physical education teacher will design an individualized program for a student who has a medical excuse.  If the physician indicates “no physical activity”, the student will be given written work to complete.


    The Wellness Center is open for student use after school most days.  Take advantage of the facilities, but please wear athletic apparel and clean sneakers.


    The entire physical education department would like you to learn the joy and necessary skills to participate in a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Please abide by the above expectations so that your class time can be fun, safe and valuable.


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