• Course Expectations


    Media Productions

    Media Productions is the study of how media reflects and affects our lives. The course is broken down in 5 Units. Each unit is further divided in 5 modules.

    Each unit of study involves 3 parts:

    1. Theory modules – The modules reading is located on Cyber College.com. The readings are completed and a series of questions are answered by the student. The reading modules and answers are worth 30%
    2. Hands on Projects- The hands on projects involve learning a particular software application and producing a piece of media using that software. The projects are worth 40%
    3. Written evaluations. Each unit is completed with a written evaluation of the theory for that unit. – The written evaluation is worth 30%
      1. Units

                                                                  i.      Books

                                                                ii.      Newspapers

                                                              iii.      Magazines

                                                              iv.      Radio

                                                                v.      Film / Television
    There is a final project evaluation that is worth 20% of the grade
    Prerequisites – 8th grade technology
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