•               Earth Science Course Syllabus

     Course Description:

    Welcome to Regents Earth Science. Earth Science is the study of the Earths systems and the universe surrounding it. “Regents” means meeting the NYS Standards by passing the Regents Earth Science Exam and satisfactorily completing the laboratory requirements.


    Course Requirements:

    1.  Achievement of a passing grade in the course (65)

    2.  Achievement of a passing grade on the NYS Regents Exam (65)

    3.  Satisfactory completion of 30 laboratory assignments.


    Instructor Information:

    Ms. L. Wawrzynek  -  Earth science teacher

    E-Mail – lwawrzynek@hamburgschools.org

    Mrs. L. Sajdak – special education teacher

    E-Mail – lsajdak@hamburgschools.org

    Find us in room 147

    School Phone: 646-33001. 



    Student Conduct:

    Students are expected to adhere to the rules and behavior guidelines as outlined in The Hamburg School Student Hand Book. Respect for the teacher and all classmates is expected at all times.


    Classroom Policies:

    ·         Cheating: Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. When detected, a grade of zero will be entered into the grade book for the test or assignment.

    ·         Absences: Students are expected to obtain missed notes, assignments and announcements by checking with the teacher upon returning to class

    ·         No additional extra credit assignments will be offered. Bonus points can be earned for each unit.


    ·     Homework is due at the start of class. Bonus points can be earned if homework is completed on time. These points will be added to the unit test if 75% of homework for the unit is completed on time.

    ·         To receive full credit for assignments, they must be completed by the start of class. Graded assignments turned in at the end of the day will have  points deducted.
    • ·         Assignments will not be accepted after the due date for any reason (except an absence) and will receive a grade of zero.

    Laboratory Requirements:

    ·         NYS requires completion of 1200 minutes of lab time, this is 30 satisfactory labs.

    ·         Labs will be graded out of ten (10) Points. Seven (7) points is considered satisfactory. (see lab grading criteria)

    ·         Illegal lab absences (skipping class) will receive a zero and no lab credit.



    ·         Quarter grades will be determined by adding up points earned on tests, quizzes, projects, class activities, and homework.

    ·         Final course grade will be calculated as follows:

        Average of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th  quarter grades, and Regents Exam Grade



     notebook paper                                                                colored pencils                                                        

     pens and pencils                                                               highlighter                                          

     2- pocket folders (1/semister) OR a 3-ring binder           1 - pocket folder (for labs)
    (whatever works best for you)                                 










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