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    What exactly is B.E.E.P.?

    Put yourself ahead of the rest and jump-start your future with B.E.E.P.!  This 20-week course, called the Business & Education Employability Portfolio or "BEEP" is an interactive class where students will develop a portfolio to showcase their achievement and accomplishments throughout your high school experience.  Upon completion of the program, the student will receive a Certificate of Employability.  New....students also have the ability to earn 3 Erie Community College Credits by paying only 1/3 of the ECC Tuition for this course!  This course will transfer to any college saving families thousands of dollars! 

    BEEP features the following:

    • An in-depth exploration of careers and compilation of a student's resume, cover letter and letters of reference
    • Demonstrate, with work from all of your classes, that you have the skills employers are seeking. 
    • Highlight your academics, citizenship and work ethic
    • Showcase various writing samples, artwork, awards received, participation in athletics and other extracurricular activities.

    Certificate of Employability:


    This certificate provides prospective employers with job-ready candidates by certifying the student applicant is knowledgeable and competent.  h the Certificate of Employability in hand, employers can be assured the candidate is qualified to be successful in the business environment in areas such as:

    J       Communication and problem-solving skills

    J       Ability to work as a team member

    J       Research and information gathering

    J       On-the-job learning and self-management

    J       Career development

    J       Integrated learning