• Regents Earth Science/ Physical Setting                                Mr. Karnath/ Mrs. Sajdak


    Course Expectations and Supply List



    Student Responsibilities:


     - Students are expected to respect others at all times.

     - Students are expected to be enthusiastic about learning.
     - Students are expected to arrive on time to class everyday prepared with all of the required  materials.
    - Students are expected to be responsible for all work missed during absences.



    Grading Policy:


                40%    Tests and Quizzes

                35%    Homework, Projects & In-Class Assignments

                20%    Laboratory Reports

    5%      Notebooks



    Policy for Assignment Collection:


    ·        Class work: Have all assigned work submitted when asked for by me.  Excluding legal absences, NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!  If students are legally absent, they have 1 week to make-up assigned work done the day of the absence.   Please make certain that all work needed to be submitted on a day absent is submitted upon the student’s return.  No make-up assignments will be provided for those who did not complete an assignment.  Therefore, please be responsible about doing all of the work required.

    ·       Lab work: All labs conducted in the separate lab class setting are due on the day 1 after 1 full cycle after that lab has been completed.  As per the Hamburg Science Course Policy, students have 2 lab cycles to make up a lab missed for a legal absence.



    Materials Needed for Class and Laboratory:


    Class/ Lab Necessities

    Suggested Materials for Home

    _____ 2 inch 3-ring binder with pockets (for class)

    _____ protractor

    _____ 1 inch 3-ring binder with pockets (for lab)

    _____ highlighter

    _____ notebook paper

    _____ colored pencils

    _____ graph paper

    _____ stapler

    ­_____ #2 pencils

    _____ compass

    _____ blue or black pen


    _____ calculator





    Extra Help:


    If you are unclear about a topic, or just need some extra help, please do not hesitate to ask!  I, Mr. Karnath, will be available for extra help after school as needed.  Other ways to get help are: (1) The Learning Center and (2) E-mailing me.  Understanding the material of the course is the key to being successful in it!



    Regents Earth Science/ Physical Setting Assessment:


         Clause 100.5(b)(7)(iv)(d) of Part 100 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education states, “Only those persons who have satisfactorily met the laboratory requirements shall be admitted to the Regents examination.”

       New York State REQUIRES that a MINIMUM of 1200 minutes of laboratory experience (30+ CREDITS OF LABS AND THEIR CORRESPONDING WRITE-UPS COMPLETED SATISFACTORILY) must be complete prior to taking the Regents exam for this course.  Any student that has not satisfactorily completed at minimum 30 lab reports will NOT be allowed to take the final exam.  Failure to complete lab work will result in no credit given for your Regents diploma.

         The final exam, worth 20% of the students overall average in Regents Earth Science, is typically divided into 4 parts:


       Part A:         Multiple choice

       Part B:         Multiple choice and short answer

       Part C:         Extended-response questions.

       Part D:         Laboratory performance test (taken prior to the written exam)