• Physical Education Requirement
    Education Laws and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education mandate physical education for all pupils in New York State schools.  A pupil is required to participate in physical education each year he or she is in school prior to graduation.
    Physical Education Dress Requirements
    Students are required to wear athletic shorts or athletic sweat pants, a T-shirt, socks, and sneakers for each regular physical education class.  The shorts and T-shirt MAY NOT be the same clothes the student will be wearing in school all day.  Students have to change clothes before and after physical education to receive credit for the class. Every student will be assigned a locker in the PE locker room to hang their school clothes during class.   Lockers need to be locked.  You may bring your own lock or purchase one from the school.  Sharing lockers is not allowed.   
    Physical Education Make-up Policy
    A student who misses a class for any legal reason must make arrangements to make up the class immediately upon his/her return.  Any class not made up within  two weeks after the students return will become a zero. Illegal absences can not be made up.
    Physical Education Excuses
    A student may be excused from  participation in the regular physical education program based upon the written request of a parent or guardian.  This excuse may be valid for up to three consecutive days.  Any excuse for longer than three days must be from a physician.  All classes must be made-up. 
    Any student who has been excused from participation in the regular physical education program is required to participate in an adaptive physical education program in accordance with the mandates of the New York State Board of Regents.  The physical education staff will provide this adaptive program.
    Being Unprepared for Class
    The first time a student is unprepared for class he/she will be given a verbal reminder of the dress requirements.  The second time a student is unprepared in a quarter he/she will be assigned after school detention.  A third unprepared in one quarter will result in another reminder.  Every unprepared beyond that will result in after school detention.
Last Modified on September 7, 2017