• Section #1 http://www.waterwise.co.za/site/water/diseases/index.html


    #1 How many may be are at risk?  ___________________________________ people lack access to an “___________________________________” drinking water supply. Many more drink water that is grossly contaminated.

    #2 How many are getting sick? ___________________________________ of diarrhea occur annually, of which 88% is attributable to unsafe water and inadequate ___________________________________ and ___________________________________.

    #3 How many are dying?  ___________________________________ people die every year from diarrheal diseases, the vast majority are ___________________________________ under 5.

    #4 How do microorganisms enter the human body?

    #5 What are the most common symptoms of a waterborne disease?


    Section #2 http://www.waterwise.co.za/site/water/diseases/waterborne.html


    #6 List the 8 waterborne diseases (hint: they are in green on the website)



    Section #3 http://www.waterwise.co.za/site/water/diseases/management.html

    #7 What are the 6 low cost saving technologies that save lives?