• San Antonio, Texas 2019 Information
    Hola! Congrats to all of the students and parents who will be joining us on our trip! We will be meeting on Tuesday, October 9th in Room 211 at 2:30. This is a mandatory meeting for student travelers, parents are encouraged to attend if possible, but attendance is not required. See you there!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How many students per room?
    A: 4, unless paying for a smaller number of students.
    Q: Are boys and girls separate in the hotel?
    A: We are all in one hallway, girls on one side, the chaperones/parents, then boys on the other side.
    Q: Is there security at the hotel?
    A: Yes. Teachers are on hall duty until the Night Security arrives. He remains on duty until the morning.
    Q: If I (the parent) don't get a spot for the trip, can I book my own flight and come to all of the activities?
    A: No. For the safety of everyone on the trip, no one is allowed to join our activities, nor do activities on their own.