• HAMBURG HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS–Team Locker Room Ordering Guide


    **ON-TIME ORDERS: MUST BE PLACE BEFORE OR ON:  AUGUST 24th, 2018 - the Delivery Method Option available during checkout: Complete Team Order

    **ON-TIME ORDERS: all on-time orders will ship to: JESSICA EVANS, free of shipping charges.  Jessica will distribute all ON-TIME orders to the team

    **LATE ORDERS: see below
    **Questions during the ordering process? EMAIL swim@theDEEPendONLINE.com


    For ON-TIME Orders placed BEFORE or ON AUGUST 24th, 2018:
    Your Delivery Method Option while logged into your Team Locker Room is "COMPLETE TEAM ORDER".  All ON-TIME orders will go to  JESSICA EVANS, free of shipping charge. JESSICA will distribute all ON-TIME orders to the team.
    For LATE Orders placed AFTER AUGUST 24th, 2018:
    The Delivery Method options available during checkout will be STANDARD SHIPPING.  We will ship to your home at our standard shipping fee.  If ordering after 8/24/18, do not expect order at same time as those who ordered on-time. 
    To Access your TEAM LOCKER ROOM:
    -On Top left of page click TEAMS
    -Left side of page- Team Locker Room LogIn: Enter your USER NAME & PASSWORD   
    *USER NAMES & PASSWORDS are now CaSe SeNsItIVe
                      USER NAME: 



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