• State funds to be fully restored to district

        Full restoration of education funding withheld from the Hamburg Central School District by the state four years ago will be completed in 2017-18 through the advocacy of Superintendent Michael Cornell and State Assemblyman Sean Ryan. It’s anticipated that the district will receive $241,000 in state “bullet aid” this school year through Assemblyman Ryan’s office. Combined with $241,000 secured in 2016-17, it would fully restore the $482,000 withheld by the state in 2013 because the district lacked a negotiated Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plan with its teachers by the state-imposed deadline.

       Hamburg was one of five school districts in the state that missed the deadline at that time and the only district that continued to be penalized by the state by not having its lost state aid restored or replaced in some way. Mr. Cornell began researching and advocating for release of the funds in April 2015, shortly after becoming Superintendent.

       “The focus of everything we do in the Hamburg Central School District is to support our educators in their efforts to provide every child with a great learning experience every day,” said Mr. Cornell. “Full restoration of this funding pushes the challenges of our past further into the background, allowing us to sharpen our focus even more on meeting the learning needs of every student.”

       “I appreciate Assemblyman Ryan’s continued advocacy on behalf of the children of the Hamburg Schools,” Mr. Cornell added. “He has been a great friend to Hamburg and a powerful voice for great public schools across our state.”

       “The Hamburg School District should never have lost funding in the first place and I have been working ever since to make sure funding was returned to the district to close the gap,” Assemblyman Ryan said. “I thank Hamburg Schools Superintendent Mike Cornell for his leadership and for working with me to secure this critical funding.”

       The funding coming to the district is from unspent money in previous state budgets, according to the Assemblyman.

    -- Aug. 25, 2017