• September 2017

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to 6th grade Advanced Math and congratulations on your recommendation into the advanced math program.  To ensure your success for this school year it is important that you are aware of the expectations for this course.

    The recommendation does not mean a student will remain in the advanced program.  Students enrolled in accelerated courses at Hamburg Middle School must recognize and understand his/her academic responsibilities extend above and beyond the expectations of the general population.  Students in the Math 6A course should achieve and maintain a minimum test/quiz average of an 88%.  In addition, students must maintain a 90% minimum quarterly average which includes homework.  Should a student’s grade fall below this level of effort and responsibility, a re-evaluation of the student’s placement in this course will occur.

    You should understand that participating in the advanced math program means the class will move at a quicker pace, and some of the curriculum will be from grade 7.  Due to this, some students who consistently score high in 5th grade math may experience a drop in their scores.  For a student to be placed into advanced 7th grade math, the student must complete the required course work and must earn an 88% overall test/quiz average and earn at least a 90% overall course grade.

    In conjunction with maintaining a high class average, it is imperative that each student successfully completes each homework assignment.  Consistent practice in math is the key to doing well in this course.  Homework is not for busy work, but a tool for evaluation.  Students will have homework assigned daily.  It is important that each student checks over his/her homework when it is reviewed the following day.  Students may receive math help during study hall, during class, or during the work assistance period afterschool.  Incomplete homework is NOT acceptable.

    You will receive a progress report every 5 weeks informing you of your child’s grades.  If his/her scores are low, it is extremely helpful to address the situation early on.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the middle school, 646-3250, or through email.


    Mrs. Miller, Team 1 


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