• Project Physics


    • 3 ring binder
    • protractor
    • ruler
    • paper
    • graph paper
    • scientific calculator
    • Student may be asked to bring various things in from home or at the store.  Costs should be quite minimal.



    Project physics is a hands-on course where you will learn about various topics of physics while performing and constructing experiments.   The class will use discovery to build higher level thinking strategies.  Students will learn to problem solve while learning lifelong skills like basic electricity wiring, cost basis analysis, developing budgets, home energy audits. 

    The structure of the course is that they will learn a couple  physics concepts and then research and build, test, and modify their object ( loose term to be used as many different things will be built).  They will then write up a report of their finding while doing statics of error reports and how their object improved.  This will be then related to things in the real world and they will tie in their findings and discuss their thoughts on these items.

    Throughout the year students will compete against each other in challenges that will consist of hands-on activities that are timed and measured for accuracy.  They will then have a time of reflection to talk and monitor what things could be done differently and how these changes would affect their outcome.

    Project Physics is a, NCAA approved, non-regents science course which will give you a science credit necessary for graduation.  Students will cover such topics as the physics of flight, boomerangs, basic electricity, simple machines, roller coasters, photography, catapults, bridges, rockets, energy conservation, circuitry, radios, astronomy, and several more.   Bring your pencils, calculators, and your imagination!