•                  Homework/Quarter 3/Week 28

                             Week of March 19

                                                           (updated 3/19/18)  


    Due to Qtr 3 ending on March 29th(Th), any assessments not completed prior to Spring Break will unfortunately result in a grade of 0%. Therefore, please contact me as soon as possible if alternate arrangements need to be made.  Thank you! 


    Math WORKSHOP:

         Additional Practice with Expressions (Module 10)


    Upcoming Assessments 

     3/26(M) - Module 10 

     - In class review on 3/23(F)

    3/27(T) - Vocabulary List 7 Quiz


    Notes: TBD “to be determined”

                SWCB – “show work in composition book" 


     Mon 3/19 (d2)

    Module 10 - Expressions Packet(Combining Terms)

    HW: Packet pg 19

    Tue 3/20 (d3)


    Module 10 cont'd

    HW: Packet pg 20 (#1-17 odd)

    Wed 3/21 (d4)


    Module 10 cont'd

    HW: TBD

    Thur 3/22 (d1)


    Module 10 cont'd

    HW: TBD

    Fri 3/23 (d2)


    Module 10 Review

    HW: Review STUDY GUIDE (Unit Test on Monday)

    Note(s) from Mrs. Miller:

    (2/26) Please encourage your child to REVIEW his/her CLASS NOTES NIGHTLY as we have a lot of topics to cover (Area, Volume, Expressions/Equations) prior to SPRING BREAK! 

    (2/4) Please encourage your child to bring his/her calculator to class every day. I am no longer loaning calculators as they are not being returned. Thanks for your support at home. 

    (12/7) Please check with your child to see if he/she is in need of replenishing PENCILS and ERASERS as MANY students seem to be out of supplies. 

    (10/30) In order to encourage more student responsibility, students won't be able to go back to their lockers to retrieve their forgotton homework once class has begun. HW will need to be brought to period 8 study hall, after DEAR, to be checked in and corrected. Students will receive partial credit at that point. This math classroom policy is effective November 13(M), which begins our Qtr 2.