• HHS NHS By-Laws


    Hamburg Central School District

    National Honor Society Bylaws

    (Current - last amended: 07/2017)



    These bylaws amplify sections of the National Honor Society Constitution and clarify operating procedures of Hamburg High School chapter.  These laws were adopted in accordance with Article XVI of the NHS Constitution.


    Pre-requisite for Induction:

    1)     Every student with an 94.0 cumulative weighted average by the end of the first marking period of their junior year will be considered for membership. (beginning with the class of 2019)

    2)     Students wishing to become members must submit all application forms by the designated deadline with no exceptions.  These forms/applications will be reviewed by the faculty council to determine selection.

    3)     All candidates must demonstrate exemplary qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. 

    NOTE: The National Honor Society (NHS) requires that “once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.”


    Membership Requirements once inducted:

    _____ 1.  National Honor Society approved community service.


    _____ 2.  Attendance at National Honor Society events (Induction Ceremony for Incoming Juniors).


    _____ 3.  Attendance at  National Honor Society meetings.

    * Meetings will be held at least once each month.                   

    * Students must be present for the entire meeting and must personally sign attendance sheet.


    _____ 4.  Strict adherence to all school rules and policies.  Dismissal may follow in the case of violation of school rules or civil laws.  In the case of flagrant violation, a member does not have to be warned.  This includes (but not limited to) cheating and disrespectful behavior.


    _____ 5. An average of 92.0 (for 2018 graduates) or 94.0(class of 2019 and later) must be maintained for the entire school year.


    NOTE: These are the minimum requirements.  The chapter may require that you work on additional projects as needed to fulfill the chapter’s goals successfully.  (Refer to NHS Points Sheet on the NHS website)



    Meetings will be held at least once a month, most often on the first Monday of the month. All meetings will be conducted on days when school is in session.  Meetings will usually be held in LMC. 


    Faculty Council:

    The Faculty Council consists of 5 anonymous faculty members, chosen and approved by the Principal.  The Faculty Council adopts any changes to the bylaws, selects new members, and dismisses members not maintaining the standards by which they were inducted, and/or not fulfilling their obligations.



    The advisor is approved by the Principal and act as intermediates between the Faculty Council, Principal, members, and potential members. 



    The duties of the Hamburg High School chapter of the National Honor Society shall be divided among the officers who are known as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Service Coordinator. 

    Their duties are as follows: (For a more extensive list of duties for each position, see NHS Officer Duties and Responsibilities sheet on NHS website)


    1)     Provide the advisors with an agenda 24 hours before a scheduled meeting, no exceptions.

    2)     Presides over all General Membership meetings.

    3)     Performs all other duties delegated by the Society or advisors.



    1)     Works with the President to provide an agenda for the meetings.

    2)     Act as President when the President is unavailable.

    3)     Coordinate various committees.

    4)     Carry out any duties as delegated by the President.



    1)     Handle all of the Society’s fiscal affairs.

    2)     Maintain accurate and precise records of the Society’s account.



    1)     Responsible for all letters, invitations, and thank you notes sent on behalf of the Society.

    2)     Coordinates mailings sent by the Society.

    1)     Take accurate attendance at the end of each meeting.

    2)     Maintain accurate records of attendance and service hours.

    3)     Record and type minutes of each meeting.

    4)     Maintain a calendar of Society events.


               Tutoring Coordinator (ONLY needed if NHS Tutoring is enacted at HHS):

    1)  Responsible for maintaining a list of students who need tutoring.

    2)  Works to match students with an available tutor.

    3)  Maintains records of tutoring hours for Community Service



                Community Service Coordinator:

    1)     Keeps the text messaging service up to date forwarding any membership information and community service opportunities to the membership.

    2)     Informs members about service times and dates.

    NOTE: Officers may be relieved of their duties by the advisor if they do not fulfill their obligations, with no warning.




    Disciplinary Action:

                 1) Members whose average falls below the required weighted average as stated above during any marking period will be issued a written warning and placed on probation until the following marking period.  If the member fails to reach the required average in the marking period proceeding probation, that member will be recommended for dismissal from the NHS.

                 2) Any member who fails to graduate with the minimum weighted average and the minimum number of NHS required points will not be recognized as a NHS member at graduation.

                 3) Members who fall below the standards of scholarship, character, service and leadership which were the basis for their selection shall be promptly warned in writing by the chapter adviser and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency.  Except that in the case of a flagrant violation of school rules or civil laws, a member does not necessarily have to be warned.  Examples of flagrant violations include but are not limited to cheating, plagiarizing, fraud, fighting, possession of illegal substance, and verbal or written threats to others. 

                  4) The Faculty Council shall determine when an individual has exceeded a reasonable number of warnings. 

                 5) In all cases of impending dismissal, a member shall have the right to a hearing before the Faculty Council.


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  • NHS Eligibility and Selection

    National Honor Society Eligibility

                Selection:  Selection to the National Honor Society is an “honor recognized throughout the nation” and “is both the public recognition of accomplishment and the private commitment to continued excellence on the part of the new member” (National Honor Society Handbook, 15th edition, p.23).  Qualification to the NHS is based upon outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the school and community.

                Academic scholarship is based on the student’s cumulative , weighted grade point average; potential members need a cumulative, weighted grade point average of 94.0 or higher, as of the end of the first marking period of the eleventh grade school year.  Students meeting this criterion will then be informed of the responsibilities and obligations of NHS membership, and given the opportunity to support their candidacy for National Honor Society membership by completing an application packet.  Students will thus have the chance to illustrate how they meet the other criteria of membership: leadership, service, and character.

                Selection to the NHS is determined by the Hamburg High School Faculty Council, who are charged with carefully and objectively evaluating potential members.  In keeping with National Honor Society’s national guidelines, those admitted to NHS will be invited to participate in a formal induction ceremony. As a member of the Hamburg High School National Honor Society, the student will be required to attend mandatory meetings and participate in a set number of activities as detailed in the bylaws.  The chapter bylaws may be reviewed on the NHS website.


                Non-Selection:  “Selection to NHS is a privilege, not a right… Membership is granted only to those students selected by the Faculty Council in each school” (National Honor Society Handbook, 15th edition, p. 23).  “Chapters are not legally or constitutionally obligated to share with parents and students information concerning specific students not selected for membership in the Society” (NHS Handbook, 15th edition, p. 34). 

                Usually, however, non-selected students wish to question the judgment of the Faculty Council.  It is important for them to understand that all decisions of the kind involved in the selection process have some subjective aspects, but that the decisions were derived in a fair manner, and based on sound, professional judgment. Parents and students must understand that no student has a right to be selected for membership in a chapter of the National Honor Society.  Reconsideration of a Faculty Council’s decision must be a rare occurrence if the council is said to be expected to take its assignment seriously. The National Council and the NASSP have no authority to review or overturn the judgment of the Faculty Council regarding selection of individual members to local chapters.

                Should a non selected student wish to appeal the decision of the council, they must submit a letter of appeal.  The letter of appeal should be received by the NHS advisor within 5 days of receipt of the formal rejection letter.  The appeal letter, along with the original student application, will be reviewed by an Appeals Faculty Council.  This council shall consist of 5 anonymous faculty members chosen by the HS principal to either uphold or overturn the original Faculty Council's decision.  The decision of the Council is final.  No further appeal can occur.     


    NHS Advisor: Mrs. Carolyn Wellington

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