• Course Contract - Blended Learning Classroom


    Math 8

    Mrs. Steger & Mrs. Pawlowski

    Room 102


    Welcome to 8th Grade Math with Mrs. Steger & Mrs. Pawlowski. We are very excited to be embarking on a new journey with the Blended Learning Classroom this year.


    What is a Blended Learning Classroom?

    Instructional model in which the typical lecture and the homework elements of a course are reversed.

    What was traditionally done in the classroom becomes homework and what was traditionally done at home (homework) is done in the classroom

    Students will watch instructional videos at home and use classroom time to apply their knowledge with more individualized attention from the teacher

    Class time will be used for practicing the concepts from the video through problems, group work, and doing activities that enrich the curriculum.

    Focus is no longer on the teacher being the sole source of content, but on the student actively participating in their learning while watching the video at home and asking questions during class time.


    Benefits of a Blended Learning Classroom:

    Increased teacher-student interaction

    Allows the teacher to be more involved in individualized student instruction, as well as being immediately available to help with questions

    Increased student-student interaction

    More emphasis on students working collaboratively with other students to facilitate their learning. They will be able to have more relevant math conversations and be able to support one another.

    Students can work at their own pace. Students that traditionally have trouble keeping up in class or with notes, can pause, rewind, and re-watch the video as many times as they need.

    By doing the work in the classroom, we will be able to monitor students more closely. We will be better able to identify students that have some misunderstandings or need more individualized instruction

    On demand access to course content and teacher instruction

    Increased hands-on learning time in class

    Learning is student-centered, not teacher centered

    Class time is being used more effectively in a more supportive environment

    Allows more time for helping the student master the content, which was not always possible when direct instruction took up the bulk of the class period.

    Challenges students to learn how to take charge of their learning and manage their time, becoming resourceful learners

    Provides for more higher-order thinking, discussion, and questioning during class time, helping students become reflective communicators and to think more deeply about the topic

    Parents can view lesson and learn along with their child in order to help when needed

    Absent students no longer need to worry about falling behind due to missing instructional time

    Cuts down on amount of homework time



    Student’s role in the flipped classroom:


    Students are responsible for:

    Watching the lesson before 7 am the day it is due

    Filling in the guided notes completely

    Coming to class prepared with the background knowledge of the concept, ready to practice and master the topic

    Students must:

    Take responsibility for advancing their own learning

    Take initiative to communicate with us via email or in person if they are having trouble with something

    If student did not watch the video, they will watch the video during class time. In this case, the student will miss out on participating in class activities and will likely fall behind


    Parent’s Role in a Blended Learning Classroom:

    Parents are needed to make sure students are responsible learners and are doing their part by actively watching the videos and completing the accompanying note sheets

    Encourage your child to take their time while watching video, to rewind, re-watch, or pause as needed until they really understand the content being presented to them

    The flipped classroom allows you to be more involved in your child’s math education. Many parents are unable to help their child with math homework because it is not taught the same way as they once learned it. By having the video as a resource, you will now be able to help your child when needed.


    Parent Portal:

    All homework grades will be posted weekly so you can keep up-to-date on if your child is keeping up with homework

    All quiz/test grades will be posted within one week after the assessment is given



    District website > Select Middle School > Select Staff Pages > Click on Mrs. Steger or Mrs. Pawlowski

    Here you will find:

    Homework listed for the entire chapter

    Dates of upcoming tests and quizzes

    Extra practice resources

    Our contact information



    3-Ring binder

    3 dividers (Notes/Hmwk, Quizzes/Tests, Warm-Ups)

    Loose leaf paper

    Low odor Expo marker


    Calculator - TI 30X IIS

    Box of tissues




    We are able to assess student learning through:

    Video assessments

    Daily warm-ups and exit tickets


    Daily activities and routine checks for understanding

    Quizzes and Tests

    Grading Breakdown:

    At home lessons – 20%

    Quizzes – 20%

    Tests – 60%



    Students will be given at least one week notice for all tests

    After school review will be offered the day before each test.

    Only exception will be if we have a meeting or prior obligation

    Tests will be given at the end of each unit

    Benchmark Assessments (Cumulative) will be given at the end of the 1st and 2nd quarter

    No benchmark assessment at end of 3rd quarter due to NYS Math Assessment

    Cumulative final exam will be given during exam week in June



    Students will be given at least 2 days notice for all quizzes

    Quizzes be given throughout each chapter to monitor students’ understanding



    Homework will be posted on the board for the entire week every Monday

    Homework is posted ahead of time for each unit on our website

    Students will have math homework daily

    Homework will be scored out of 4 points based on the 4 homework questions posted throughout the video

    Homework will result in a 0 if it is not complete, completed late, or the student hit play but did not listen to our instruction.

    Late homework will not be accepted


    Extra Help:

    After School

    We are available from 2:20 – 2:50 every day

    Only exception will be if we have a meeting or prior obligation

    This does not need to be set up ahead of time. Student can just show up.

    Studyhall - Student can get a pass from their studyhall teacher to come see one of us for help



    Contact Information:


    Mrs. Steger

    Email: asteger@hamburgschools.org

    Phone: 646-3250 ext 5102

    Mrs. Pawlowski:

    Email: ppawlowski@hamburgschools.org 

    Phone: 646-3250 ext 5102



    Frequently Asked Questions:


    Does this mean I don’t have homework?


    You will be responsible for watching a video each night

    You will be asked questions throughout the video to check for understanding

    You will complete the guided note sheet that accompanies the video

    There may still be nights where the homework will look more like “regular homework”, mainly for test review assignments. However, now students have access to the lessons online and can re-watch and if they don’t remember how to do the problems assigned in the homework.


    What if I don’t have internet

    Student should let teacher know as soon as possible

    Student may watch video during a studyhall or after school

    If studyhall or after school is not an option, we will upload the video to a flash drive for the student to take home and watch


    What if I don’t watch it

    You will watch the video during class time.

    In this case, you will miss out on participating class activities and will likely fall behind


    What if I don’t understand what I learned on the video?

    Students have the opportunity to re-watch the video at any point and as many times as needed to help further clarify any confusion

    If this does not help alleviate the confusion, student should take initiative to communicate with us via email or in person letting us know what topic they are having difficulty with

    If student is still struggling, they will receive re-teaching during class next day, complete practice problems with us, and will receive more assistance on activity being completed in class


    What do I do if I am absent?

    All videos are posted online by 2:30 the day they are assigned and can be watched any time after.

    An absence does not excuse a student from their assignment of watching the video/completing the note packet

    If student misses class due a music lesson, student will still be required to watch video and it will be due at normal due date




    **Please sign and return to Mrs. Steger/Mrs. Pawlowski in Room 102 **

    By signing below, I agree to do my part to meet the expectations of this classroom and to work toward my potential.

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    Student Signature: _________________________________________________________


    Parent Name: _________________________________________________________

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