• Economics Assignments

    Most recent assignments are listed first, so please check due dates carefully.
    Quiz Grade: The quiz on the Stock Market (Unit 2) is  Tues. 9/25
    Quiz Grade: The Activity/Spending Journal is Due Tues. 9/18
    The LAST DAY to turn in this assignment for reduced credit is Fri. 9/22
    Test: Test on Unit 1 Fundamental Economic Concepts is Fri. 9/14
    For some extra review on "Calculating Opportunity Costs" check out the PowerPoint below.  It's the one we did in class on Wed. 9/12.  If you still have questions...please see Mrs. Cooper for help :)
    Homework: Read the "Modern Manufacturing Case Study" on p. 15-18 in your note packet.  Answer questions #1-3 on p. 15
    Due: Thurs. 9/13
    Homework:   Complete Unit 1 Homework #1 Worksheet
    Due: Tues. 9/11

    Click here to view Unit 1 H/W #1

    Homework: Get course syllabus signed by parent or guardian.
    Due by Tues. 9/11. This counts as a homework grade