• Economics Assignments

    Most recent assignments are listed first, so please check due dates carefully.
    Test: Unit 6 (Business Organizations & Market Structures) is Fri. 12/7
    Homework: Complete Unit 6 Homework #1 on p. 2 of the Unit 6 note packet
    Due: Fri. 11/30
    Test: Unit 5 (Wages, Labor Unions & Unemployment) is Wed. 11/28
    Quiz Grade: Complete the Collective Bargaining Simulation Reflection worksheet 
    Due: Tues. 11/20
    ** If you were absent for the simulation you must complete the Arbitration Decision/Reflection worksheet.
    Homework: Complete P. 11 in the Unit 5 note packet.  THIS ASSIGNMENT CAN NOT BE TURNED IN LATE!
    Due: Thurs. 11/15
    Homework: Complete p. 6&7 in the Unit 5 note packet.
    Due: Tues. 11/13
    Test: Unit 4 (Supply & Demand) Test is Wed. 11/7
    Homework: Complete the Supply Homework #3 Worksheet
    Due: Tues. 11/6
    Quiz: Demand Quiz is Thurs. 11/1
    Homework: Complete the Demand Homework #2 Worksheet
    Due: Wed. 10/31
    Homework: Complete the Demand Homework #1 Worksheet
    Due: Mon. 10/29
    Project: Current Economic Issues:
    Due Dates:
    Research Graphic Organizer:                Due: Mon. 10/15
    Presentation Assignments:                   Due: Fri. 10/12
    Slide Show Print-Out:                          Due: Mon. 10/22
    Presentation Dates:                             Mon. 10/22, Tues. 10/23 and Wed. 10/24
    Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer      Due: Mon. 10/22
    Persuasive Essay                                 Due: Mon. 10/22
    Digital Paper Uploaded to turnitin.com   Due: Mon. 10/22
    Class Presentation Fact Sheet               Due: Wed. 10/24
    The links below contain the handouts you were given regarding this project:
    The links below are the specific directions for each project topic:
    Test: Unit 3 (Economic Systems) Test is Thurs. 10/4
    Homework:  Complete the Unit 3 HW #2 Worksheet
    Due: Tues. 10/2
    Homework Complete p. 9 (Unit 3 HW#1) of the Unit 3 Note Packet
    Due: Thurs. 9/27
    Quiz: The quiz on the Stock Market (Unit 2) is  Tues. 9/25
    Quiz Grade: The Activity/Spending Journal is Due Tues. 9/18
    The LAST DAY to turn in this assignment for reduced credit is Fri. 9/22
    Test: Test on Unit 1 Fundamental Economic Concepts is Fri. 9/14
    For some extra review on "Calculating Opportunity Costs" check out the PowerPoint below.  It's the one we did in class on Wed. 9/12.  If you still have questions...please see Mrs. Cooper for help :)
    Homework: Read the "Modern Manufacturing Case Study" on p. 15-18 in your note packet.  Answer questions #1-3 on p. 15
    Due: Thurs. 9/13
    Homework:   Complete Unit 1 Homework #1 Worksheet
    Due: Tues. 9/11

    Click here to view Unit 1 H/W #1

    Homework: Get course syllabus signed by parent or guardian.
    Due by Tues. 9/11. This counts as a homework grade