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    This site provides interactive learning games, quizzes and activities for students. There are free materials that can be helpful in giving your child extra practice developing his or her literacy skills.








    This website is dedicated to handwriting and manuscript skills. It provides free worksheets working with manuscript and creative activities to enhance this important skill.



    This site offers printables in all subject areas. There are links for kindergarten resources dealing with phonics, sight words, visual perception and handwriting skills.



    This site provides printables and thematic ideas for learning. There are also links for further parent resources and details on the important aspects of kindergarten.



    This is site offers an immense amount of printables dealing with handwriting, phonics and even books for early readers!



    This is an interactive websites designed to motivate students to read with focus on phonemic awareness. It provides child directed learning activities that are aligned with New York State Standards.



    This website provides numerous games dealing with early literacy skills. It is a fun way to practice reading skills with your child.



    This website is based around the Dr. Seuss fictional children’s books. There are interactive games that develop fine motor skills as well as catalogs for more resources.



    This website provides free games dealing with vocabulary skills, letter recognition and also helps develop fine motor skills. These games are a great way to practice early letter and word identification with your child!



      A free website with math activities 


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Last Modified on May 22, 2018