•  English as a New Language

    As per CR Part 154, our district offers a free-standing English as a New Language program.  

     The goals of this program are:

    1)  to identify students with limited English proficiency (speaking little or no English at the time of identification) upon registration

    2)  to provide identified students with English language instruction/support with a certified ESOL teacher

    3)  to ensure that these students are provided with the NYS allowed accommodations on tests

    4)  to assess their English language proficiencies on an annual basis. 

               The level of service provided to each English Language Learner is based on his or her score on the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT).  In order to exit from an ENL program in New York State, a student must score at the Commanding Level in all four modalities of language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. These modalities are assessed through the four sections of the NYSESLAT. Students are provided with transitional ESL services for the two years following a proficient score on the NYSESLAT.


    Students will receive all required core content in all programs offered by our school. 

    Participation in the English as a New Language program will not restrict students’ access to

    extracurricular activities offered by the school or the Hamburg Central School District.







Last Modified on January 8, 2019