Virtual Experiences


    The Internet provides a significant amount of growing information that can also add to students’ background knowledge.  However, Internet virtual experiences should only be experienced by students under constant adult supervision as some of the information encountered may be inappropriate for certain age groups.  In spite of previous viewings and the reputation of the site, it is possible for inappropriate information to filter into sites at various times.  The source of the site should also be considered when considering the validity of the information.  It is possible today for anyone to put information on a site. 

     Parents should always view sites prior to viewing them with their children. 

     Below you will find a list of Internet Web sites that I believe are helpful in building background knowledge. Please visit my Web page concerning background knowledge for a full explanation of this topic. 

    The Hamburg Central School District is not responsible for material accessed away from any of its pages. 

              Astronomy Picture of the Day


     The History Channel




Last Modified on January 13, 2018