• What is Google Classroom?

    Google Classroom is a computer platform for schools that allows me to create, distribute and grade assignments in a paperless way.  I also use it to enhance lessons with a variety of practice activities, slideshows, and educational games. 

    How does my student get on?

    Go to classroom.google.com and click sign in.

    Students user name:

                             first initial last name2@hcsdk12.org

    Password:        HCSD followed by last 4 digits of student ID.

    Does my child need a code to join the class?

    Students have already enrolled into the assigned class, so it should instantly open.  By clicking on the class, either ELA or ELA Workshop, assigned work should be visible and ready to complete.  Students must click "Open" in order to activate the process and be sure to select "turn in" when the assignment is done.  This sends the work to Mrs. Sullivan for grading.