• Grade 6 Mathematics 2017-2018

    Team 1/Mrs. Mary Miller


    Welcome to the Hamburg Middle School and Team 1! Math 6 reinforces previously learned skills, as well as introduces new mathematical concepts and strategies. Students should review math concepts nightly. On-going review and practice will improve student understanding and overall performance. Your child should bring the following supplies daily to class: student planner, composition notebook, 1-inch binder OR heavy duty math folder, workbook, 2 pencils, DEAR book, and optional is a blue/red pen and/or highlighter for correcting homework. Calculators don’t need to be brought to class until October.


    Homework is an essential part of learning and will be assigned almost every day. It is meant to practice and reinforce skills learned in class. Homework handed in when due will be awarded 2 points, late work/incomplete (only accepted 1 day late) will earn 1 point and not turned in work will earn 0 points.  It is your child's responsibility to check, complete, and return missed class work and homework from an absence due to a music lesson, or sick day.  Missed class notes will be placed in your child’s corresponding math class period folder. Besides teaching academics, I also focus on student responsibility. Therefore, I will not be calling home daily to advise of missing homework. I encourage you to check your child’s homework grade several times a week via Parent Portal.


    Grades will be based on tests, quizzes, and homework.  Your child's progress will be updated weekly for your review also via Parent Portal.  Quizzes will be given on a regular basis; usually once a week.  Most quizzes will be announced, but some may not. Module Tests will be given at the end of most modules. Your child will be informed of tests at least three days in advance AND the date will be posted on my math website. We will review in class, thoroughly, the day prior to the module test. If your child misses class the day of an assessment and was in class the previous day, he/she is expected to make up that assessment upon return to school during their next Study Hall (period 8).  Quarterly averages will be computed based on 20% homework and 80% assessments.  Please note that it is the District’s policy NOT to offer extra credit.


    Your child is expected to follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.  If your child exhibits inappropriate behavior, he/she will receive a check.  If 3 checks are accrued, an after-school detention will be assigned. Parents will be notified via email and a date scheduled.

    I look forward to a successful year with your child! Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at mmiller@hamburgschools.org, or call HMS at 646-3250.     

    Thank you,  

    Mrs. Mary Miller