•  Team 1 Classroom Expectations 2018-2019

    Mrs. Bish/Mrs. DeGal/Mrs. Miller/Mrs. Sullivan


    1.  Arriving to Class:

    • When entering the classroom, please read the directions on the board/pocket chart and quietly get started.

    2.  Leaving Class:

    • Wait until the teacher dismisses you; those who pack fast, leave last!

    3.  Bathroom

    • In between classes.

    4. Pencil Sharpening:

    • When you first enter the room, not during instruction! That’s why two pencils should be brought to every class.

    5.  Getting your Attention:

    • Listen for the cue (ie: clap, countdown, etc.) and be ready for directions!

    6.  Homework:

    • Write assignments in planner each day at the beginning of class.
    • To be handed in when it is due.

    7.  Absences:

    • When absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to hand it in on time.
    • When you return from being absent, check the Missed Work Folder in your classroom.
    • Any questions regarding missed work should be directed to that teacher during Study Hall (period 8).
    • Students are to sign out for a music lesson on the Classroom Music Sign-out Sheet the prior day. Additional instructions will be given in each content area classroom.
    • If you miss class due to a music lesson, you are still responsible for any work missed in class, AND are expected to turn in the previous night’s homework prior to attending your music lesson.
    • If you miss a test/quiz, it is your responsibility to make it up during Study Hall (period 8).

    8.  Supplies:

    • Bring necessary supplies to class every day; check your list taped in your locker.
    • DEAR book is mandatory and to be brought to all classes.

    9.  Asking questions:

    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Please do not talk when someone else is talking.
    • If the teacher is speaking with another student or teacher, please do not interrupt unless it is an emergency.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

    10. Check your own progress via Student Portal regularly.


Last Modified on August 8, 2018