• boy I believe homework is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school. I give homework because it is useful in reinforcing what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits.

    I expect students to do their best job on their homework. Homework assignments are to be neat and carefully completed. The students are expected to work on their own and only ask for help after they have given it their best effort. All assignments will be turned in on time.


    All homework will be checked. Because I strongly believe positive support is valuable in motivating children to develop good study habits. Praise and other incentives may be given for completing homework.

    Parents are KEY to making homework a positive experience for their children. Therefore, please make homework a top priority by providing necessary supplies and a quiet work environment. Set a daily homework time and provide praise and support. Please feel free to contact me if you notice a problem.