• What's New in Room 131!!


    Welcome to kindergarten!!


    We are moving along rapidly in kindergarten this year.  We are working on letter sounds and even beginning to stick those sounds together to read words!!  You will see several small books coming home from time to time.  If you help your child read these books, sign the back and send them back in to class, each student can earn a sticker for every book read.  Some students have started quite a sticker collection so far this year!!  This is also a great way for you to see just what we are working on in class!

    In math we are moving to numbers 6-10 next week.  We are focusing in on how each of these numbers is 5 plus some more!!  This is helping to build a great foundation for all.  

    On Oct. 19th we will be combining classes with the other two kindergartens to do centers.  Everyone really loves seeing their other friends and we hope to continue these activities once a month throughout the school year.  Make sure you ask your child what activities they did that day!

    We will also be having our Halloween party on October 31st.  Stay tuned for more information to follow!

    Enjoy the nice cool weather and the beautiful leaves!



    Mrs. Langendorfer



Last Modified on October 12, 2018