• March 19, 2018

    Dear Parents, 

    Will winter ever end? If anyone wants to take me on spring break to a warm vacation as a babysitter, give me a ring. Just kidding (maybe). So hoping we will see green, hear the birds, and see flowers in bloom! Guess we will just dress warm again for another week and be grateful we aren't in the New England states since they can't seem to get a break.

    This week we will spend reviewing all of our fraction concepts. I have held off our unit test in order to spend more time on the subject and get everyone more comfortable. It is an abstract concept and difficult for some to understand. In reality, it takes a long time to "get" fractions. We will continue on reading passages and developing answers in ELA this week. Last week we worked on our expert books and they are already coming along nicely. I loved the introduction pages! The children are truly enjoying researching and typing their reports! We have begun rocks and minerals in science and governement in social studies. We are truly busy every moment of the day!

    Everyone is excited about the musical! School House Rock is fantastic and brings back lots of memories for most of the staff. Have a wonderful week everyone!






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