• January 16, 2018

    Dear Parents, 


    Another short week ahead! I hope everyone recovered from major changes in temperature this weekend. I also hope everyone is healthy. It's been a rough flu season for sure. Spring can't come soon enough. I apologize to all those who ski; I'm sure you are loving a real winter.

    We are continuing on with measurement this week. We are working on time and elapsed time. This is a great opportunity to work at home having the kids figure out starting, ending, and elapsed times. This is a difficult concept but the kids seem to be doing quite well so far. Of course everything has been very guided thus far. There will be a quick quiz this week too. Buoyancy is fun for everyone. Building boats has been interesting and more challenging than some thought. We will continue to read in our groups this week, work on informational text and writing, and summarizing. 

    We have our field trip to the Albright Knox Art Gallery this Friday. This is a morning field trip and we will be back in time for lunch. It is great to experience Buffalo's culture!

    Have a wonderful week!






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