• Week of  1/22/18
       Monday: Math -  Quick Quiz #2 signed & corrected, Pg. 172
                        Spelling - Tic Tac Toe due Friday
                        Science - None
                         Social Studies - None
                        Reading - Reading 20 minutes is highly suggested each evening
    **Gym day so please have sneakers at school!
    **Bring back library books tomorrow.
    Tuesday: Math -   Pg. 173
                    Spelling  - Tic Tac Toe
                    Reading - Read for 20 minutes                                   
                    Social Studies - None
                    Science - None
    **Gym day so please have sneakers at school!
    Wednesday:   Math - Pg. 176
                           Reading - Read for 20 minutes
                           Spelling - Tic Tac Toe
                           Social Studies - None
                           Science -  None
    Thursday: Math - Quick Quiz #3 signed & corrected
                    Spelling - Tic Tac Toe                                    
                     Science - None
                     Social Studies - None
                     Reading - Reading for 20 minutes is highly recommended
    **Gym day so please have sneakers at school; **Bring recorders for music.
    Friday: Math - None
                  Reading - None
                  Spelling - None
                  Science - None
                  Social Studies - None
                                          1/26:  Crazy Sock Day
                                          2/19-2/23:  Winter Break - NO SCHOOL
                                          3/2:     Darwin D. Martin House Field Trip
                                          3/30-4/6:  Spring Break - NO SCHOOL
                                          4/11-4/13:  ELA State Testing
                                          5/1-5/3:      Math State Testing
    **Library books are to be returned on Tuesday mornings.
    Your child is able to use the IXL Math site on your home computers to practice skills. In order to do this:
    Go to IXL.com.  When you get to the site, there is a log in on the right side of the screen. Your child enters his/her first initial and last name (the same way they log in at school) @hamburg. They MUST include @hamburg after their names. The password is 107. This is a great resource for extra practice and the kids like it because they earn "prizes" on the site.
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