• Word Categories - Make a collection of words on cards (short vowel words, long vowel words, silent "e" words, nouns, verbs, two-syllable words, compound words, etc.). Sort words into the correct category.
    Rhyming Pairs - Create a list of words that rhyme on index cards. Match the rhyming words side-by-side and compare the words. 
    Vocabulary Match - Write vocabulary words on index cards and their definition on sentence strips. Mix them up and then match the correct vocabulary word with the correct definition.
    Unscramble Sentences - Write each word from a sentence on a card. Place words in a scrambled sequence. Then place words in the proper order to form a meaningful sentence. 
    Clap the number of syllables in words.
    Match uppercase letters with lowercase letters.
    Match letters/sounds with the correct picture (mat begins with the letter m).
    After reading a story, retell the story which includes key details about the story.
    Level 5 Vocabulary
    Main Idea, Key Details, Summary, Plot Events, Claim, Evidence, Inference, Compare/Contrast, Theme, Metaphor, Simile, Genre