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    How do I register my child for Pre-K?

    Pre-K  registration forms can be found on the district's web page. All student registrations are found on the left hand side of the main district page under student registration. 

    What do I do when my child is absent? 

    Please call the Pre-K office (646-3370) and Fisher Bus (648-7766). Please send a written excuse when he/she returns to school.

    What should be done if my child will need to be picked up from school by someone other than a parent? 

    We will need written permission from you if there are any changes in your child's dismissal procedure.  If someone else is picking up your child, let them know that we will require identification. It is also helpful to call the Pre-K office at 646-3370 ext. 3410


    How will I know if school has been cancelled due to bad weather? 

    Pre-K will be cancelled when Hamburg Central Schools are closed. Local TV and radio stations broadcast school closings.


    What sorts of family/parent events take place during the course of the year? 

    Pre-K has a Parent Information Night, spring concert, field trips, parent advisory committee meetings, parent/teacher conferences, and an end of the year picnic.  


    What can I do to help my child learn at home? 

    Love, play, read and talk to your child.  A child, whose emotional needs have been met is more likely to be successful outside the home.  Children learn by doing - through play they learn to understand their world.  Reading to your children is one of the easiest ways to prepare them for more structured learning that is required later in their school careers.  It provides them with ample opportunities to increase their language skills and their ability to sustain attention.  On top of that, reading is incredibly pleasurable for both you and your child.