Adopted- November/December 2002

    Revised- April 2015


    We, the students of Hamburg Central High School, in order to establish better relations among the administration, faculty, and students, to create a feeling of unity among students, to encourage student participation in the operation of the school, and to develop leadership within the student body do ordain and establish this constitution. This constitution, by and for the student body of Hamburg Central High School shall supersede all previous constitutions of the Student Government.

    Student Government is an organization comprised of the officers of every club within the school. Because of this fact, Student Government is nicknamed the "Umbrella Organization." It serves as a unifying force and oversees the activities concerning the whole school, not a singular grade, club, sport, or activity. The meetings deal with planning events, voicing concerns, devising solutions, and helping promote any club's events.



    The name of this organization shall be the Hamburg Central High School Student Government.



    The purpose of the Student Government shall be:

    A. To develop in the student body attitudes and practices of good citizenship and to promote                   appreciation of democratic ideas.

    B. To promote better understanding and cooperation among the students, faculty, administration, Board of Education and community.

    C. To encourage and promote student pride and interest in their school's activities and its reputation.

    D. To be responsible for raising money for its own use, this would include planning and conducting functions for the school community.


     Section 1- Voting

    The voting members of the Student Government shall consist of Student Government officers, Student government representatives, and Presidents or representatives from each class and each active school organization, and appointed chairpersons of annual committees.

    Section 2- Representatives

    A. The election of representatives, besides the President and their alternates, shall take place by secret ballot at the scheduled May meeting.

    B. Within the first three weeks of the fall term of the school year, the representative's name from each class and each active organization are to be submitted by each advisor to the Student Government Secretary. The duties of an absent representative shall be fulfilled by his/her alternate.

    C. The President, with the advice and consent of the Student Government officers, shall appoint chairpersons of annual committees when needed.



    Section 1- Responsibilities of Members

    1. Attend and participate in Student Government meetings.

    2. Volunteer for and fulfill responsibilities as members of committees and/or projects.

    3. Discuss Student Government minutes and agendas with other students.

    4. Voice concerns and opinions of the students at Student Government meetings.

    5. Keep students well-informed about Student Government meetings and activities.

    6. Help establish Student Government activities and policies.

    7. Act as a source of information to the Student Government on matters related to the objectives of their respective organization or class.

    8. Act as a means of communication from the Student Government to their class or organization.

    9. Help establish joint projects and activities with their organization or class with the Student Government.

    Section 2- Dismissal of Members

    A member will be removed from his/her position for failure to attend two meetings without a legitimate excuse. A member may be removed from his/her position for failure to represent his/her fellow students properly and fairly, failure to fulfill his/her responsibilities, or for any other actions which are determined to be detrimental to the reputation and/or welfare of the school or the Student Government. The actions may include, but are not limited to, excessive absenteeism from school and/or disciplinary infractions.



    Section 1- Student Government Officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary.

    Section 2- If the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties or to complete his/her term of office; the Vice-President shall automatically become the new President.

    Section 3- If any of the officers, other than the President, are unable to fulfill their duties or complete their term of office, all voting members of the Student Government at the next regularly scheduled meeting shall elect by secret ballot an eligible representative from the Student Government to complete the remainder of that term.

    Section 4- The Student Government President shall be a member of the senior class; the Vice President shall be a member of the junior class; the Treasurer shall be a member of the Senior or Junior classes; the Corresponding Secretary shall be a member of the Sophomore class; the Recording Secretary shall be a member of any class.

    Section 5- Student Government officers should accept his/her position in Student Government as his/her priority above all other organizations and activities. All officers must attend all Student Government Office meetings, general meetings and Student Government/Class Government sponsored events.

    Section 6- All student government offices must be filled by student government members. In the case of a failure for an office to be applied for, someone who is running, from a different grade, may opt to fill the role of another office, but only in the case of no one applying for the position.




    Section 1 - Duties of the President

                A brief overview of the duties of the President is as follows:

    *The Student Government President serves as the "Voice of the Student Body." Concerns are supposed to be brought to his/her attention, through the Student Government representative for the person with complaints, and then in turn discussed with the correct administration.


    1. Run all Student Government meetings.

    2. Lead morning announcements with the other members of Student Government.

    3. Report to the Principal periodically regarding various issues.

    4. Help coordinate and organize the Homecoming festivities including the Spirit Drive, the Bonfire, Dance, and the Parade. 

    5. Keep up to date with all clubs and activities in Student Government.

    6. Organize and run the Concession Stand for all Home Varsity Football Games.

    7. Act as a mediator when conflicts arise amongst various organizations.

    8. Try to find community service/mission statement to involve the student body.

    9. Organize fundraisers for scholarship fund.


    Section 2- Duties of the Vice-President

    The duty of the Vice-President of Student Government is to:

    1.       Assist and support the President in all Student Government activities and events

    2.      To conduct meetings in case of the President’s absence

    3.      Take on any other responsibilities or chair committees that he or she may request or be a need for.

    In addition to this role, the Vice-President is in control of the school’s calendar, and coordinating all activities involving the Student Body.



    Section 3- Duties of the Corresponding and Recording Secretaries

    The Student Government Secretaries are responsible for making sure that they work as a team in their respective categories as Corresponding and Recording officers.

    The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for:

    1.      Maintaining communications with those inside and outside the entity, including members of Student Government, business partners, financial institutions, creditors and officers of other entities.

    2.      Presenting the public voice of the organization, and receives correspondence and materials on its behalf.

    3.      Maintaining the Student Government website.

    4.      He/she must also make sure all the student representatives are invited to meetings. This requires creating a pass excusing each representative from his/her class to attend the monthly in-school meetings. This pass not only serves as a ticket into the meeting, but also as an agreement by the student promising to be held accountable for all work he/she misses in class that day.

    5.      Assisting and supporting the Recording Secretary in his/her duties in the event of absence.

    The Recording Secretary is responsible for:

    1.      Maintaining a comprehensive log of items discussed and debated during meetings, conferences, workshops and brainstorming sessions.

    2.      Maintaining a record of the homeroom each representative belongs to in order to get his/her pass out to their homeroom the morning of the meeting.

    3.      Maintaining records of homeroom, phone number and the club each representative represents. This information is kept in the event that we need to notify the members of the government for a meeting.

    4.      Taking attendance, notes and recording the minutes of each meeting. 

    5.      Typing and sending the minutes to the faculty and Student Government members via email within 48 hours of the meeting.

    6.      Assisting and supporting the Corresponding Secretary in his/her duties in the event of absence.








     Section 4- Duties of the Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for:

    1.       Counting, depositing and reconciling funds earned from the concession stand during  sporting events and any other student government functions where funds are collected.

    2.       The payment of any bills incurred by Student Government.

    3.      Presenting a financial report at each monthly meeting.



    Section 1- All Student Government Offices shall be held for one calendar year, beginning on June 1.

    Section 2- The President shall be elected by the general student body of the existing Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior classes.

    Section 3- The Student Government Vice-President, Treasurer, Corresponding and Recording Secretaries shall be elected by a majority vote by secret ballot at the scheduled May meeting.

    Section 4- Elections shall be conducted in the following manner:

    A. Those students wishing to become candidates for a Student Government office must register their intentions at the candidates' meetings with the Student Government advisor, at the scheduled March meeting. A candidate must acquire 3 recommendations:

    1. Recommendations from student body.

    2. A recommendation from a teacher.

    3. A recommendation from an advisor.

    B. All potential candidates who have fulfilled the above requirements shall have their name placed on the ballot for the respective office.

    C. A general election for Student Government President shall be held anytime during April. The candidates must submit their applications and recommendations before the vote. They must also write a speech to be read to the student body during the campaign.

    D. If any candidate does not receive a majority vote, a run-off election will take place between the two candidates who received the most votes during the general election.

     *A revote will take place during the same Student Government meeting.



    1. Two-thirds of the total membership of the Student Government shall constitute a quorum.

    2. A quorum must be present at any meeting at which business is transacted.



    1. Amendments to the constitution may be submitted, in writing, by any member of the Hamburg Central High School Student Government at a regularly scheduled meeting.

    2. The five Student Government officers will act as the Amendment committee. This committee will discuss and study proposed amendment and will make a recommendation for action to the entire Student Government at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

    3. The Student Government will discuss and debate the Committee's recommendations at the meeting, but no vote will be taken on adoption of the amendment. The Student Government may decide if more study on the amendment by the Amendment Committee is necessary.

    4. At the following regularly scheduled meeting, the Amendment Committee will make its final recommendation. This proposed amendment will be adopted when is has been approved by two-thirds, secret ballot vote of all voting members of the Student Government.

    5. If this proposed amendment is defeated, it may not be re-submitted until the following school year.