Mrs. Morris


    1. Nature of Stress

    -define stress

    -stress response

    -types of stress

    -physical reactions to stress

    -emotional reactions to stress

    -social reactions to stress


    1. Effective Coping Skills

    -The Power of the Breath

    -positive mind-set

    -power of humor


    -time management

    -journal writing

    -art therapy

    -communication skills



    -stress balls


    -the art of breathing


    -music therapy




    -massage therapy



    -muscle relaxation


    -herbal therapy



    1. Designing Your Personal Stress Management Program


    1. Community Resources




    Class Rules:

              -be to class on time

                -no food or drink in the classroom, other than water

                -bring supplies to class

                -when one person talks, everyone listens

                -we don’t have all the answers

                -everyone must participate and agree to try classroom experiences

                -what is said in class is used for positive means

                -remember: dignity and respect for others



              -3 ring binder with dividers

                -spiral notebook


                -writing utensil


                -appropriate clothing

                -YOGA MAT



                -participation (30 % of grade)



                -class projects


                -personal stress management project








    “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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