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    What you do matters—taking action in the world.


    Due to the internet, social media, and digital communication, making a difference in the world has never been easier. The following options provide you a means of taking action to help the Syrian refugee crisis.  Each of these will earn you a five point bonus each added on top of your next quiz or graded essay.


    Option A:        Emailing or tweeting to the Secretary-General of the United Nations

    ·         Ban Ki-moon is the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in charge of coordinating the world’s response to the Syrian crisis.

    ·         Using his twitter handle of @UN_Spokesperson, encourage him to use his power to help the Syrian refugees and to help put an end to the fighting.

    ·         You can also send him an email at http://www.un.org/en/contactus/

    ·         To receive credit, please print up the tweet or email you send; or, simply show me what you did by bringing in your phone.


    Option B:        Using Social Media to inspire others to get involved

    ·         Social Media allows us to stay engaged in a local or worldwide situation or problem.

    ·         Friend or follow  each of the following respected organizations on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter:

    1)      I Am Syria, www.iamsyria.org

    2)      International Rescue Committee, www.rescue.org

    3)      Doctors without Borders, www.doctorswithoutborders.org

    4)      Care, www.care.org

    5)      United Nations Refugee Agency, www.unrefugees.org

    ·         To receive credit, make a posting that shares one of these groups with your friends, briefly describing why this group is important to you. Once you’re done, simply print up the page or simply show me what you did by bringing in your phone.




    Option C:        Inspire your faith based organization or civic group to take action

    ·         Use the power of your group to help the plight of Syrian refugees.

    ·         Ask the head of an organization you know to get your group involved.

    ·         Five points of extra credit on an upcoming quiz, test, or essay.


    Option D:        Taking a photo holding the I Am Syria sign!

    ·         Easy to do and a great way to get started—Google Image “I Am Syria” to get the sign!

    ·         Then post it on the I Am Syria Facebook or Instagram page—5 points of extra credit here as well.