MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA - Questions...

    Episode 1:

    1. Who is the Industrialist?

    2. How does his industry help with the growth of industry in the U.S.?

    3. Is he greedy?   Why/Why not?

    Episode 2:

    1. Who is the industrial is of oil?

    2. Was Standard Oil a monopoly?

    3. Why would Rockefellar shut out competition?   Do you agree?  explain

    Episode 3:

    1. Who was Andrew Carnegie?

    2. What was the Bessemer steel process?

    3. Why do you think Rockefellar & Carnegie became rivals?  How were they alike/different?

    Episode 4:

    1. What caused the Johnstown flood?

    2. Why did worker's strike at the Homestead Steel Plant?

    3. Do you think Henry Frick was a good leader?  Why/Why not?

    Episode 5:

    1. What were challenges that Carnegie faced?

    2. Who was J.P. Morgan?

    3. Does success in big business require risk?  Why/Why not?

    Episode 6:

    1. What was the competition Edison faced?

    2. Why did J.P. Morgan loan money to the federal government?

    3. Do you think Morgan's decision to buy (force) out Edison was fair?  Why/Why not?


    Episode 7:

    1. What were some of the concerns William Jennings Bryan attempted to address?

    2. What was the response by Morgan, Carnegie & Rockefellar?

    3. Do you agree with the strategy of breaking up businesses that become very dominant in one industry? Why/Why not?


    Episode 8:

    1. What were some of the major changes President Theodore Roosevelt made?

    2. What were some of Henry Ford's key innovations?

    3. Do you think all business leaders are obligated to also be philanthropists?  Why/Why not?