• September 14, 2017


    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Hamburg Middle School, 8th grade Social Studies. I am Ms. Murray, the instructor for this course.  I have been in education for almost 20 years and teaching here at HMS for 17.  Over the past 17 years here in Hamburg I have taught 8th grade Social Studies.  I also coached Hamburg Girls’ Soccer up until about 3 years ago and gave up coaching to take my daughter to and cheer for her at her sporting events. 

    I hope that each of you had a wonderful summer and that your child is eager to jump into an exciting school year.  I’m thrilled about the opportunity to get to know your child, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year.

    Your child will succeed if we collaborate to motivate and encourage success in them.  Therefore, I welcome any and every opportunity to meet with students and/or parents throughout the semester. If you would like to contact me, email is the easiest way.  I can be reached at kmurray@hamburgschools.org.   If you would like to schedule a meeting please contact your child’s guidance counselor at 646-3250 to set one up at your convenience.

    The goal of 8th grade Social Studies is to give students an understanding of U.S. History from the late 1800’s to the Present.  The year goes in chronological order.  Topics included are growth of Big Industry, Woman’s Rights, US Imperialism, WWI, Roaring 20’s, Stock Market Crash & Great Depression, WWII, Holocaust, Cold War,  and events of the past 20 years.  The content of the units will be presented in varying ways from textbook (class set & all students will receive on-line access), to educational movies (located on discovery education and link from home provided on my Google Classroom), movies for enhancement, speakers (ex. Survivors of the Holocaust), projects, presentations, and hands on interactive activities with Ipads & Chromebooks.

    Over the past years I have been integrating more and more technology into my classroom.  I have 27 Ipads for classroom use which have been provided to me by three grants, one from Enhancing Education through Technology and two from the Hamburg Foundation.  The textbooks are brand new this year and are linked with "The History Channel".  All daily homework, projects, quizzes & tests is posted on my website calendar which can be reached by going to the Hamburg Middle School webpage, and then going under Staff to my name (Murray, Kelly) http://www.hamburgschools.org/Domain/394

    To be successful in this class, students are expected to be on time, prepared, positive, participate, and ready to work and learn.  Students are expected to be respectful to him/herself, the teacher, and others.  Students are also expected to give their best effort and minimize any level of excuses.  They are 8th graders now and need to start managing their time, agenda, work on their own.  Homework for my class should be written in your child’s planner each day, students are also allowed to use their hand-held devices to add assignments to their calendar and for other educational purposes.  Students must adhere to all school wide and district policies, especially in regards to technology use.

    Once again, welcome to Ms. Murray’s 8th Grade Social Studies!!!  Let’s work together to make the best of this year!


    Kelly L. Murray