• Frequently Asked Questions about the Lille Exchange
    How old are the students?  Students are 14-15 years old. However they are in their first year of high school.
    What are the dates?  Students are expected to arrive the weekend of October 17th. They stay for approximately 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.
    What am I expected to do with my exchange student?  We ask that you meet your student at the airport and transport them to your home. You should provide a bed with appropriate bedding (students do not need their own bedroom), laundry facilities and meals. In essence, they become a member of your family for the duration of their stay.
    What do students do every day?   French students are expected to attend classes with their host student everyday. If you would like to take your student on an excursion during the school day, please let Mrs. Thomasson know ahead of time. Exchange students are expected to follow their host student's schedule unless other arrangements are made by Mrs. Thomasson and/or the accompanying French teacher.
    What do I do with an exchange student??  French students enjoy attending sporting and cultural events. Most would love to see Niagara Falls. They also enjoy lasertron, bowling, pumpkin farms, trick or treating (Halloween isn't celebrated in France!), hiking, the zoo, etc.
    What if there is an emergency (health or otherwise)?  You will have Mrs. Thomasson's contact information. The accompanying French teacher usually stays with me and will assist with any issues.
    What if I have a problem or issue with my exchange student?  Contact Mrs. Thomasson ASAP! We can't fix problems we don't know about. The accompanying French teacher comes to school everyday and meets with the students regularly. He/she will speak to students about any issues that may arise.