• What to Study for WWII Unit Test on Friday 5/8/2015…

    Using your WWII Unit packet, Timeline Packet and Vocabulary you must know the following terms.


    Aggression                     Kamikaze attacks            Potsdam Declaration

    Allies                             Land                                 Ration Stamps

    Anti-Semitic                  Lend-Lease Act               Rationed Goods

    Appeased                       Manhattan Project           Scapegoat

    Blitzkrieg                       Military                           Stalin

    Concentration Camps      Munich Conference          Totalitarian State

    D-Day                             Mussolini                         Treaty of Versailles

    Dictators                        Navajo Soldiers               Truman

    East                                Nazi                                United Nations

    Fascism                           Nazi-Soviet Pact             V-E Day

    Genocide                         Neutrality Acts              V-J Day      

    Gestapo                          Nuremburg Trials            War Production Board

    Ghettos                          Pearl Harbor                   West

    Hitler                             Poland         


    Internment Camps