Sports & Entertainment Marketing : Mrs. Diana Munich

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    Sports & Entertainment Marketing : Mrs. Diana Munich




    Major areas that will be covered  are: • Professional Sports • Theme Parks • TV • Movie Industries • Concert & Arena Productions • pricing •marketing research• endorsements • sponsorships 




    Sports and Entertainment Marketing

    This course stresses fundamental marketing concepts and will include an orientation to the sports and entertainment industry. Marketing strategies along with topics in sponsorship, pricing, marketing research, endorsements, and promotions will be part of this course.


    Course Outline:


    Unit Title


    Unit 1 Foundations of Marketing

    1. The student will define marketing and explain the marketing concept.

    2. The student will develop a target market for the sports and entertainment industry.

    3. The student will identify and apply the 4 P’s of the marketing mix within the industry.

    Unit 2 : Markets

    1. Risk Management of athletes/actors

    2. Market Segmentation

    3. Categories of Sports/entertainment

    4.Global Impact of Sports marketing

    Unit 3: Products & Pricing

    1. Pricing Strategies

    2. Products

    3. Product Positioning

    Unit 4: Promotion & Licensing

    in Sports & Entertainment


    1. Legal Aspects of Marketing

    2. Trademark, Copyright, Branding

    3. Intellectual Property

    4. Sponsorships, Endorsements

    Unit 5: Careers & Planning


    1. Career opportunities

    2. Professional Organizations

    3. Ticketing, venues

    Assignments Include (not limited to):  


    Black Sox Scandal, Marketing of bottled water, Theme Park design, Nielsen Ratings, Movie Sequels, Fan Motivation, Ethics, CSR, Media Marketing





























    Materials Needed: 3 ring binder, loose leaf paper, 1 box of tissues, black or blue pen


    Student Evaluation:

    Daily Activities    25%

    Projects               35%

    Test & Quizzes    40%


    Behavior Expectations:

    *Be respectful of all equipment. No computer games.

    *Be respectful of others rights to learn.

    *Do your own work. Cheating will not be tolerated.

    *Use appropriate language.

    *No eating in class

    *Bring your textbook, a pen or pencil, notebook every day.

    *The use of electronic devices besides calculators and school computers are prohibited in the classroom.

    *All other school rules apply in this class.

    *Notebook will be checked and graded