• Writing is an integral part of preparing your child for higher education and career readiness. During Writer's Workshop, your child will learn some of the skills necessary to effectively communicate through writing. Our curriculum is based on a program called: Sixth Grade Units of Study authored by Lucy Calkins. My section of Writer's Workshop concentrates on writing research based texts. The following elements are included: researching, note taking, the steps of writer's workshop (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing), strategic mini-lessons concentrate on elements of good writing ex. transitions, teacher modeling, teacher and peer conferencing, and grading with (shared) rubrics.
    60% of the quarterly grade is earned through writing pieces
    20% is earned through the accountability grade (See below for explanation)
    20% is earned by completing daily homework and sometimes classwork 
    Students are expected to research or write during class. Because there is so much independence, there is an accountability grade given. Below is the grading rubric that explains what my grade book and progress report comments refer to as Writer's Workshop Accountability. If a student is corrected for a misbehavior in any area of the Accountability Rubric, a point (4%) is taken from the 100% they automatically earned over the two week interval. Student accountability grades will add up to 100 points for all categories combined. I give a bi-weekly grade.


    4 Advanced



    3 Proficient



    2 Basic


    1 Minimal


    Attention During Instruction

    ·         You were attentive during the mini-lesson.


    ·         You mostly paid attention during the lesson.


    ·         You were attentive during some of the lesson.


    ·         You paid very little attention during the lesson.


    Volume of Writing

    ·         You kept writing during the writing period.

    ·         You wrote for most of the writing period.


    ·         You wrote for a little part of the writing period.


    ·         You wrote during very little of the writing period.


    Revision Work

    ·         You revise consistently to improve your writing

    ·         You revise frequently to improve your writing

    ·         You sometimes revise to improve your writing

    ·         You revision effort needs improvement

    Partner & Collaborative Work

    ·         You always work well with partner-

    ·         Positive, Productive Group work

    ·         You mostly work well with partners

    ·         Mostly productive group work


    ·         You sometimes work well with partners

    ·         Sometime group work is productive

    ·         Your partner work doesn’t go well

    ·         Group work is often unproductive

    Independent Work Habits

    ·         Your independent work is always focused and productive

    ·         Your independent work is usually focused and productive

    ·         Your independent work is sometimes focused and productive

    ·         Your Independent work is often not focused and productive