•  Entry Level Bowling Balls:
    Generally these balls are more affordable. They will not hook as much as a high performance ball, and therefore are good for younger bowlers. Those bowlers that are still growing and changing weights should look into these types of Bowling Ball.
    Note: Student-Athletes in 7th Grade or higher are strongly recommended to throw with "Fingertip Grips" that allow for the Bowler to turn the ball with Revolution causing hook! When you purchase your ball, it is important to get these.
    Brunswick "Ringer Burgundy Pearl"
     Storm "Tropical" and "Ice" Lines   
    "Tropical Breeze", "Mix", and "Ice"
     Columbia 300 "Freeze" , "Eruption"Columbia 300
    Ebonite Cyclone
     Other Companies
    Motiv, RotoGrip, DV8, Hammer.      
    High Performance Bowling Balls
    Recommended for Bowlers in 10, 11, or 12 grade. These balls can be expensive, but can be found cheaper online or at the National Bowling Store refurbished. Only consider this selection if you are throwing 15 pounds. Redrilling to a changing hand size is manageable, but changing weights requires a new ball purchase.
     Storm Bowling's "Hot", "Thunder", "Master", and "Premier" Lines
    Ebonite Bowling's "Pivot", "Pivot Point", "Honor" , "Source", "Legacy"
    Bowling Shoes can be purchased at any local pro shop. "Linds" and "Dexter" are the two major shoe companies, however until 10th grade a pair that fits comfortably with a sliding sole will be just fine. I can go into more detail on a case by case basis.
Last Modified on November 4, 2014