This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.

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    1. How can parents contact Ms. Bosinski or Mrs. Newlove?
    2. How are averages calculated?
    3. What materials are needed for biology class?
    4. Will textbooks be distributed?
    5. Can I do any extra credit?
    6. Will there be a midterm exam?
    7. How will mid-term exam be counted in the students' average?
    8. When is the Regents exam?
    9. Will we have to buy review books?

    How can parents contact Ms. Bosinski or Mrs. Newlove?

    You can call the high school office at 646-3300 and leave a message,
    which we will gladly return. You may also email Ms. Bosinski at the
    following address:
    CBosinski@hamburgschools.org (NOTE: the email link can be found on the home page of this website).

    , you can reach Mrs. Newlove at RNewlove@hamburgschools.org.

    How are averages calculated?

    Averages are calculated by adding the total number of points a student earns
    and dividing by the total possible points. Tests, quizzes, homework, projects,
    labs, notebook grades, and unit exams are some of the factors that contribute
    to a student's quarterly average.

    What materials are needed for biology class?

    Biology students will need the following materials for class:

    3-ring binder (2 or 1.5 inches thick)
    loose-leaf notebook paper
    folder with pockets
    blue or black ink pens
    #2 pencils
    1 gluestick
    highlighters (2)
    dry erase markers (2)
    1 package of notebook dividers
    1 box of tissues or $1.00

    Bring the following to class daily:

    3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper and something to write with.

    NOTE: The folder will be used to store your completed lab reports. In order to qualify to
    take the Regents Exam in June, students must successfully complete a minimum of 30 labs,
    including 4 required NYS labs.

    From time to time the NYS Board of Regents conducts audits of student lab folders.
    As a result,
    these folders are legal documents and must be kept in the classroom at all times.

    Will textbooks be distributed?

    No! Students will receive review books which will be used as a reference 
    throughout the school year.

    Class sets of textbooks are kept in the classroom and may be signed out for
    short-term use.

    Can I do any extra credit?

    From time to time we will offer extra credit opportunities, but the BEST 
    means of doing well is to do all the required work. Extra credit should be
    just that: extra work, not work to take the place of assignments that
    should have been done.

    For bonus opportunities, check out the BRAIN TEASER page.
    Will there be a mid-term exam?

    YES! The mid-term exam will be given sometime in January.
    Specific details will be posted here once they become available.


    How will the mid-term exam be counted in the students' average?

    The mid-term exam will count as a 100 point test grade during the
    2nd Quarter marking period. NOTE: THE MID-TERM GRADE WILL NOT APPEAR


    When is the Regents exam?

    The NYS Living Environment Regents Exam will be given some time in June.
    As soon as the specific date becomes available, it will be posted here.

    Will we have to buy review books?

    NO! Review books will be ordered by the school district and students will not be charged. 
    The books will arrive sometime in mid-September.

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