Science Trivia

    Did you know that......

    * In common speech the word THEORY is often used to mean an unverified
    assumption. But in science, a THEORY is used to describe something that has
    been well tested.

    * Galileo is generally considered the first to have established the modern
    SCIENTIFIC METHOD, as demonstrated in his investigations. His emphasis on
    experimentation to prove the validity of ideas was part of a broader
    movement of free thought that was typical of the European Renaissance.

    * The word "biology" was not used until the early nineteenth century.

    * Alcmaeon, a Greek physician born about 535 B.C., is one of the first
    people to have studied the human anatomy.

    * Another Greek, the philosopher Aristotle, classified over 500 animal
    species and even proposed a theory of progressive change among animals.

    * Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564), a physician from Brussels, Belgium, proved
    that men and women have the same number of ribs. The common belief at the
    time was that men had one less rib than women, because Eve was created from
    Adam's rib.

    * Environmentalists agree that Global Warming is the #1 environmental issue
    affecting the world today.

    * Cars are responsible for 33% of the gases that cause Global Warming.

    * Recycling can help reduce electricity and landfills, and as a result, slow
    the rate of Global Warming.

    * The branches of biology are too numerous to list. Zoologists, botanists,
    cytologists, geneticists, and paleontologists are just a few of the great
    variety of biologists.

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