• All About Me!
    Hola! I am Kristina Strauss, your child's Spanish teacher! I am originally from the city of Tonawanda, and I live in Wheatfield. I graduated from Niagara University for my Bachelor's Degree, as well as my Master's Degree. My first job was here in Hamburg - this is my 11th year teaching. I have taught both 7th and 8th grade Spanish, but this year I only have sections of 8th grade Spanish. In addition to working at Hamburg, I also teach Spanish 101 at Buffalo State on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    I am married (Mr. Strauss - he is a teacher, too! At Hoover MS in Kenmore), and we have a 4 year old at home (Eric) and our daughter (Morgan) is 2 and 1/2! My favorite color is red and my favorite food is popcorn. I also love dark chocolate (hint hint).

    In my spare time, I like to watch TV, and I LOVE traveling. Within the United States, I have been to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and Hawaii! Outside of the United States, I have been to Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and London.
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