•  Parent Portal Activation Directions:

    1. Access the district website at www.hamburgschools.org on the WWW using Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0. Click the “Parent Portal” link on the left hand menu

    2. Locate the link for the eSchool Parent Portal (bottom of web page)

    3. Or, to “log in” you may also use the internet address: https://parentportal.wnyric.org/login.aspx

     4. The data you will need:

    •  Mailing Address
    • Primary Phone (Household)
    • Student’s Name
    • Student’s Grade for CURRENT school year.
    • Student’s ID number (can be found on the top of the student’s report cards and progress reports)


    5. Data must be entered the way it appears on the child’s records. For example if the student’s name is Charles do not enter Charlie, enter Charles. The same format applies for the parent/guardian name. For example, Albert should be entered as Albert, not as Al.

     6. Locate the “Create a New Account” link on the bottom of the page as indicated in the graphic below. You will then be forwarded to the “Request an Account” screen.

     7. Once you have clicked the link to create a new account, you will see the “Request an Account” screen.

     8. Key in the required information (marked with an asterisk *) on the “Request an Account” screen. Reminder: Data must be entered the way it appears on the child’s records. If you use the abbreviation Rd. for the word Road in an address, your registration may be rejected. Be sure to include a valid and working e-mail address as this will be used to sign on to Parent Portal each time.

     9. When entering student(s) information, remember to enter the data EXACTLY as it appears in our records. Failure to provide an exact match may result in a rejected registration. If you receive an error message as shown in the figure to the right, it is probably due to the fact that you did not provide the information as it appears in our eSchool Data Management System.

     10. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your account information has been verified. Please allow 3-5 business days for verification. Once accepted as a Parent Portal user, you will be able to access district approved data for your child through the eSchoolData Parent Portal using your email address and your newly created password.

    When you log in, you will have to agree to ‘Terms of Use…..’ You will then be able to see your children registered in the district. Then, by clicking on your child’s name you will be able to see district approved data relating to your child.


    Questions/concerns with Parental Portal usage should be directed to Brent Jordan

Last Modified on February 2, 2017