Today is Wednesday, March 21, 2018!  

    Happy Winter!

    Enjoy your Christmas vacation with your child!

    Welcome to PreK! You may be asking "what can I do now to prepare myself and my child?"

    Remember these tips to continue to help your child grow: 

    * Talk with your child. Meal time and driving in the car are great times to have conversations about what is going on in your life and the world around your child.

    * Encourage and teach your child to be responsible for his/her own things such as shoes, backpack and coat/sweatshirts. This may take extra time and it will be time well spent.

     * You do not need to worry about purchasing supplies. Your child's classroom is filled with instructional materials. 

    * Your child will need a regular sized backpack. In the winter, it will also need to hold sneakers. Lunch bags/boxes should be normal size as well. Please teach your child how to use it before you send it in to school!



    Curriculum Information:

    Our PreKindergarten day focuses on educating the whole child. Our job is to provide opportunities for them to explore and play so that they are ready to enter kindergarten. Every day children have access to books, toys, games and crafts that weave life lessons with academic knowledge that will be the foundation of their life-long educational experience. 



    General Pre Kindergarten Information


    PM Session: 12:30pm-3:00pm

    Be prepared to play outside everyday!

    Sneakers are a requirement for playing on the playground. 



    Bussing is available Monday through Friday.


    Lunch is provided for all students Monday through Thursday. Please send in a healthy lunch on Friday.