• Materials: 

    • 3 ring binder with 3 dividers (labeled: “Warm-Ups”, “Notes/HW”, “Test & Quizzes”)
    • Loose leaf paper
    • TI-30x II s Scientific Calculator
    • Pencils and Erasers


    · TESTS – Tests are given at appropriate times during each making period. It is the responsibility of each student to complete all test administered. It is not my policy to give make-up tests during class time, therefore if a student does not make up the work after school, or during study hall, he/she will receive a zero (0) after two weeks. 

    · QUIZZES– Quizzes will be given throughout most units to be sure that each student is keeping pace with the assigned work. 

    · HOMEWORK– It is essential that all assignments be completed on time. Homework needs to be legible and done in pencil. Each assignment needs to have the student’s name on it, and all work must be shown if needed. NO credit will be given if the above conditions are not met. Homework is worth 10% of a student's average.
    · NOTEBOOKS – It is important for students to establish good organizational skills. Although notebooks will not be collected, I expect student to maintain a neat and organized notebook throughout the year.



    The student is responsible for making up any missed work. If a student is absent the day work is due, it is due the day he/she returns. If any worksheets were passed put, the student will find them in the appropriate folder on the back wall. The student is responsible for picking up the missed work and turning it in within two days of their return.
    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be on time

    2. Be prepared. (pencils, notebook, calculator and completed homework) 
    3. Be respectful
    4. Pay attention
    5. Always try your best
    6. No cell phones or electronics