• "Make Food For Me"

    by Mr. Chimento Length: 2
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    "Make Food For Me" 
    A parody of "Grow For Me"
    from the musical "Little Shop of Horrors".  

    I've given you water, I've given you soil.

    You've given me nothing, no veggies to boil.

    I'm beggin' you sweetly. I'm down on my knees.

    Oh please, make food for me!


    I've given you grow lights,carbon dioxide too.

    Just mix it with water. You know what to do.

    All consumers need you. Why don't you produce?

    Oh please, make food for me!


    Your green chlorophyll soaked up the sunshine so bright.

    Your stomata breathed in fresh carbon dioxide so nice.

    I've bathed you in fluorescent lighting left on through the night!

    You have all three photosynthetic ingredients make food and oxygen too!


    I've given you sunshine. I've given you rain.

    But you're not producing. Oh you're such a pain.

    All life on earth needs you.You start all food chains.

    Now please - Oh pleeeeeease...Make food for me!

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