• HHS Competes and Succeeds in the Olympics of the Visual Arts 
     Background: The Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA), held Thursday April 10, 2014 at the Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs, New York, is a showcase for OVA Programs is an extracurricular school program for students across New York State. Its founding group, the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA), views the visual arts as a discipline equal to other disciplines that challenge and stimulate our youth, and believes that creativity and creative problem solving in the visual arts is vital to a full and enriched life in our technological and scientific 
    The Olympics of the Visual Arts presents a series of problems that require utilizing historical references, brainstorming, problem solving, and creative solutions. There are two forms of problem solving. One is a long term problem that will require research, planning, and creativity, and is completed prior to the State Competition. The other form of problem will be a short-term or spontaneous solution and is done on-site during the State Competition. 
    There are eight different long-term problem categories: architecture, photography, fashion design, sculpture, painting, drawing, illustration, and typography design. Each problem in each category will have a specific performance standard to meet through the visual arts. All problems are connected by a general theme.
    This Year's Competition: Each group must complete a project on demand at the competition. (Each school is instructed to only bring specific materials), this years question was: "Using your largest size paper as a base, draw shapes and cut outs with your scissors. Create an original collage using your own creativity, imagination, and use of color to interpret Matisse's artistic style as a new art form. When completed, exhibit your artwork with your long-term solution." 
    HHS Outcome/ Successes:  The students presented artwork for Drawing (placed 2nd place out of 12!), Painting, Sculpture (Placed 1st out of 9!), Photography, Illustration, Typography and Fashion Design. Each of the projects were prepared prior to the competition, then presented with a research binder at the competition.