As part of the National Academy Foundation requirements, Hamburg Academy of Finance students must complete an internship as part of a 3-year career and college readiness program.  This internship experience for our AOF students will ensure that Hamburg students are prepared to demonstrate these skills and attributes necessary to be successful in today’s competitive workplace.  As a NAF program, the internships must be compensated.  An internship experience must be at least 120 hours and can happen either over the summer or during the school year working out a schedule that works for both the student and the employer.  AOF students will complete their internship sometime between Junior and Senior year, students must be at least 16 years of age. 
     Required Internship Documents:
    WBL Coordinator Contact Information
    Mrs. Lawrence, Hamburg Work-Based Learning/Internship Coordinator
    Hamburg High School - Room 266 or Internship Office behind dogpound
    Phone: 716-341-1292