hamburg baseball
                                     Varsity Dawgs comeback to beat WS East
                                     Storey 7th Round KO- Amherst
                                     Home Opener 2018
                                      1st win of 2018 season
                                      1st Game - Win with new Scoreboard   
                                       New scoreboard- beauty
                                    Early weightroom
                                 2018 Dawgs
                                 Dawgs 2018
                                2017-18 Dawgs      
                                 Center of the Ring  
                                 Bulldog Pride
                                Crowley Bros
                                Aidan Johnson 16-17  
                                Dawgs Defense
                                 Go dawgs
                                Storey Walk Off
                                 Middle of the Ring swinging
                                 No Hitter
                                 No Hitter Baugher  
                                 DILS DILS DILS  
                                 Spring 2016
                                 2015 State Semifinals
                                 Regional Champs!!!         
                                 baseball Family        
                                 Olean Cross over championship
                                 Close play at 2nd
                                  Go Dawgs  
                                 Edie Sickau
                                  ALL IN  
                                  action play       action throw                         
                                  Big Hitt       Pitcher
       Started like a "Sack of H*ll" in Myrtle Beach and finished with a memorable playoff run!! 
    A year of many firsts and one of biggest upsets in recent sectional finals history!