• Welcome to 6th Grade General Music!
    Our first unit is African Drumming.  We recently did small group compositions, where we wrote our own drumming songs. Click here to listen to them!
    Our other units of study include:
    The Elements of Music
    We will review the basics of reading and writing music.  We will get to use our Smartboard and also play a lot of review games!
    Keyboard, Xylophones, and Boomwhackers....Oh MY!
    We will use what we learned in the last unit to play various instruments individually and in small groups.
    Composers...Then and Now
    We will study people who write music from all different time periods (including current artists!)
    Video Game Composition on Garageband
    We will use the computer program Garageband to edit a clip from a video game to add our own sound effects and background music.