Third Grade Curriculum

    Reading-We will be using a variety of resources throughout the year.
    ƒ Scott Foresman series (a variety of genres)
    ƒ Novel reads in small groups
    ƒ Nonfiction Reading Passages to go along with our Science and Social Studies
    ƒ A-Z Reading books (a variety of genres)
    ƒ Daily reading is extremely important

    Language Arts
    ƒ Communication Skills stressed: speaking, listening, reading, and writing 
    ƒ Writer’s Workshop— Finished writing pieces are kept in portfolios

    ƒ Lists will be glued into composition books
    ƒ Tested weekly

    ƒ Problem Solving is very important—the PROCESS is stressed and explaining HOW the answer
    was figured out

    ƒ Hands-on experiments
    ƒ The notebook/folder is a source of material to study 
    ƒ Topics covered will include: Rocks & Minerals, Buoyancy, Magnetism, and Butterflies

    Social Studies

    ƒ United States—all 50 states
    ƒ Map skills
    ƒ Communities around the world


    Classroom Expectations

    Daily Preparation/Homework

    ƒ RESPONSIBILITY is becoming more of a focus in third grade. 
    Students have weekly jobs and a planning calendar to keep track of. The use of the planner is mandatory and
    necessary to keep parents informed of our activities. It is also a way to stay ORGANIZED.

    ƒ ALLTESTS AND QUIZZES MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY. If you wish to have it back to review more
    closely, please make a note on the paper. I will gladly return them for a couple of days.


Last Modified on September 13, 2018